Quickbooks Services

If your business uses QuickBooks, or even some other accounting package, I can be of service in a variety of ways.  I have used various versions of QuickBooks over the years, but I’ve also used or reviewed a number of other accounting packages throughout my career.  I can do your bookkeeping, review the work of your bookkeeping staff, prepare professional looking financial statements and other reports from your system, help you select the right QuickBooks version or the right accounting package, help you set up and install your accounting package or work with you and your staff to upgrade to a new version of your current package or convert to a completely new one.  Upgrades, and especially conversions, are always stressful, time consuming, and distract your staff, so let me help you get through them as quickly as possible.

  • Desktop Version
  • Online Version
  • Setup

  • Upgrade/Conversion
  • System Selection
  • Bookkeeping

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor - QuickBooks Online Certification

Additional Services

In addition to the services I can provide, I have an extensive network of other professionals who can assist you with investment management, website design and hosting, estate planning and administration, human resources management and consulting, payroll processing, auditing services, business promotion and social media consulting. I would be glad to contact any of those professionals on your behalf to arrange and facilitate a conversation to discuss how they can help you manage and grow your business and provide you with additional peace of mind.